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Neeraj Joshi Senior editor

Chikka Messenger is the first two-way PC-to-mobile instant messaging client.
Chikka can be used to send free text messages directly from PC to mobile phones all around the world.
Instant and uninterrupted connectivity with your buddies allow you to chat with them as easily as it would be with an Instant Messaging Buddy.
This New version of Chikka also provides a way to connect to Google Talk! You can add your Google Talk contacts to your buddy list and chat away, even if you're offline. Even if you are not on your Computer system, that shouldn't restrain you from being aware of your friends, as the Chikka client can automatically forward messages to your mobile phone when you leave your PC.
Furthermore, you can also send images, including Pictures and Photographs to your friends, online or on their mobile. You can also activate the tab for your friends by which you can get alerts on your mobile phone whenever your buddy comes online. Chikka Messenger supports up to 320-character SMS. Using Chikka you can also send sms to multiple recipients or a group at once. An added wonderful feature of Chikka is that if you have a Paypal account, then you can use Chikka to send load/top-up credits to your friend's mobile phone. It’s easy and secure.


  • 1. Signing-up for a Chikka account from your PC is absolutely free!
  • 2. Sending messages from your PC using the Chikka Messenger is totally free of charge, whether you send it to a PC or a mobile phone.
  • 3. Load/top-up credits to your buddies' mobile phones if you have a paypal account.


  • 1. Mobile subscribers sending MMS to a PC user are charged per MMS sent as per MMS rates on chikka website.
  • 2. Receiving MMS through the Chikka Messenger is free of charge unless the sender specifies that the recipient will cover the cost.

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  All comments (165)
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    Guest 2 days ago

    The new version of Chikka is a complete fail. It's very slow and sometimes when I click on a new contact to send a message, the previous contact will always be the one to pop-out and misses always happen. Please bring back the old one.

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    Nor Fatima Jasmin Linog 3 days ago

    What should I do in case Chikka blocked a number from receiving a text? Please help.

  • 0
    Guest 6 days ago

    When I tried sending msgs or text through my computer and click Send once, I notice it always duplicate my text. Is their a way how to fix this? My friend told me he's not getting any text when this happened.

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