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No specific info about version 1.0 beta. Please visit the main page of Chikka TXT Messenger on Software Informer.

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    raymond cape 13 days ago

    I agree, please return the old version of Chikka Messenger. I am confused using the new version 6.0. Please!

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    Guest 25 days ago

    You chikka! I had credits on my previous account! I noticed a while ago, the app required me to sign in using my mobile number but I was using it this morning! I remembered that I'm still signed in! But then, when I tried to enter my mobile number and waited for the activation code and finally signed in, BOOM! My messages were gone and the contacts as well!! You Chikka, give back my credits, my contacts, and my messages! This is so frustrating!

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      raymond cape 13 days ago

      Message them to return back of all your credits and messages!

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    Sandra Alindog 29 days ago

    Oh my Gosh... We cannot use this Chikka V.6 because they have to pay the Credits now. And it doesn't matter if you have your old Chikka V.5, it will not work anyway. The bottom line here is no matter what you going to pay for that.

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