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  • Main window
  • Working Environment
  • Welcome Screen
  • Default Interface
  • Installation Screen
  • Send window to Send Credits to Mobiles Buddies
  • Inbuilt Web Update Window to update Chikka
  • Window for Sending Message to a Group of Buddies
  • Window For Selecting Multiple Buddies
  • MMS Sending Window

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Manoj Goel Senior editor

Chikka txt Messenger with some of its unique features stands it out in its category and makes it incomparable. It is not just a simple text instant messenger or sms sender, it is specifically designed for two way communication from PC-to PC or PC-to-Mobiles communication. Means you can send message from your PC to your Mobile buddy as an SMS, and your Mobile buddy can reply back to your SMS, and you will get back the message on your PC if you are online or otherwise if you are registered using your Mobile, then you will get the reply to your Mobile.
Well, if you do not have a mobile or does not want to register with your mobile then you still be able to create an account but you will not get your online Buddies alert message and Message from your buddies when you are offline from your favorite Chikka Messenger.
A feature you will surely like is that you can send large Messages/SMS of 320 chars and your message will not be truncated as your Mobile buddy will get it in multiple SMS without any appended Ads.
Of course you can send large SMS but a picture is worth of thousand words, and Great chikka gives you the opportunity to send Pictures as an MMS to your buddies. But its not free, you have to purchase credits by using credit card or you can also use your Paypal account to purchase credits if you have one to send MMS.
There are some other nice features. You can send Group Message to your added Buddies. You can update your Chikka Txt Messenger and add new skins if available from inbuilt web update feature. Or you can use your credits to send Top-up/ prepaid credits to your friend or family mobiles to recharge. You can also send flowers to your girl/boy friend. But presently this feature is only available in Philippine.
Well I will not say that it is a perfect one because it also has some limitations like you can send limited number of Txt SMS free in a specific Country/ Region per day, for more message you have to purchase credits. Also according to Chikka presently it support only 9 countries: Philippines, Guam, Spain, UK, US, India, Saipan, Hong Kong and Indonesia and not all mobile service providers are supported from these countries. But they are adding more countries and service providers regularly so checkout Chikka's site for latest supported countries and mobiles service providers list. So giving it a first choice is not a bad idea.


  • Support 9 countries and almost all service providers.
  • Support Large 320 Chars Messages.
  • Daily Free Text Messages.
  • MMS Facility.
  • Group Message Facility.
  • Support Buddy online Alert message on mobile.
  • Support Live update.
  • Support Paypal & Moneybooker to Purchase credits.
  • Credits can be used to send as prepaid/top-up recharge credits of mobiles to your friends .


  • Limited number of free text SMS per day per country.
  • MMS is not free.
  • Support Just 9 countries.
  • Does not support all mobile service provider.
  • Credit transfer feature only available for Philippine.

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    Guest Last year

    Сhikka version 6 is not user friendly. It is so hard to delete messages and when you click the names, messages keep coming back even if they are deleted. Hoping that Chikka will be revised. Again, its version is so hard to use. It has lots of disappointments in it.

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      Guest Last year

      I agree. I don't receive my new and old messages either. When I delete my old ones, they keep coming back too. When I use my computer to login to chikka, it keeps saying Ooops, there's a problem. Try back later. I like the old version 5.0. It works very good.

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    Guest Last year

    This new version is lots of rubbish.

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    Hannah Esther Last year

    Hi, we have new openings now for Telecalling and Non Voice process all over Bangalore.

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